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IaCMA Recognizes 2020 & 2021 Emerging Leader Award Winners during Summer Conference

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Excerpted from award nominations

The 2020 Emerging Leader award was presented to Dylan Mulfinger during the online IaCMA reception in September 2020. Dylan has been a tremendous leader, and advocate, for the City of Oelwein over the past four years. Dylan has worked tirelessly to streamline the organizational structure within the city. This includes tackling personnel roles and assignments, developing a formalized Capital Improvement Plan, and coordinated efforts for economic development. In 2018, Dylan took on one of the biggest challenges for the community in decades. He helped the City Council adopt a Rental Housing Code.

Prior to becoming the City Administrator in Oelwein, Dylan was the Management Analyst for the City of Oskaloosa from 2013-2016. One of his highest accomplishments in Oskaloosa was that he undertook creating and leading the City’s first Young Professional Group. Dylan was instrumental in seeking out potential young professionals and establishing meaningful connections that were not otherwise happening in the community. The bond resulted in a close-knit group of people with commonalities performing volunteer service work, socialization, and fellowship. Dylan’s work was instrumental to the group’s success.

Dylan’s positivity is contagious and is immediately noticed by those who interact with him. He’s friendly, jovial and a likeable person. He brings humor and positive energy to the job. He is a caring individual that likes to make personal connections with people he is working with or working for. He understands that life in city management is like living in a fishbowl, stays above board at all times, and it is easy to see he enjoys serving the public by the way he carries himself.

The 2021 Emerging Leader award was presented to Cori Burbach during the Summer Conference in Burlington.

Cori has dedicated her career to public service and has demonstrated a tireless commitment throughout, but especially over the last year. Her role within the city usually requires long hours, evening meetings, weekend calls, and the occasional emergency issue response. However, as it has for many people, the pandemic’s impact over the last year has required Cori to take on additional responsibilities and to focus on crisis management.

Cori’s nomination for this award stressed that she is deserving of the Emerging Leader award not just because of the degree to which she stepped up during the pandemic, but because she has taken on more and more responsibilities over the last four years within the city and has led Dubuque’s High-Performance Government initiative within the organization to improve processes and increase efficiencies through teams representing all departments and levels.

With all this, Cori still finds time for volunteering in leadership roles with the Dubuque Community Garden Coalition and the Dubuque Community Days of Caring. She has also served on the board of directors for Creative Adventure Lab and for DuRide, where she volunteers as a driver to provide transportation for seniors in the community.

Please join in congratulating the IaCMA 2020 Emerging Leader award winner, Dylan Mulfinger and the 2021 Emerging Leader award winner, Cori Burbach.

The IaCMA’s Emerging Leader Award is presented to a local government and the chief administrator or assistant chief administrator in recognition of his/her innovate and successful programs.

In 2006, IaCMA’s Awards Evaluation Panel, with approval from the IaCMA Executive Board, developed the Emerging Leader Award category.  To be considered for the Emerging Leader Award, the local government’s chief administrator must be a full (voting) IaCMA member.  Eligible candidates must be: 

  • First time in the position, and have 5 years or less experience as a chief administrator; or,
  • First time in the position, and have 7 years or less experience as an assistant chief administrator

For more information visit www.iacma.net

Emerging Leader past recipients

2008 Jason Metten- Hawarden

2009 Luke Nelson- Boone

2010 Doug Boldt- Tipton

2011 Josh Heggen- Windsor Heights

2012 Larry Burks- Onawa

2013 Matt McQuillen- Clive

2014 Chelsea Huisman- Center Point

2015 Laura Graham- Des Moines

2016 Amanda Kaufman- Marion

2017 Angie Charipar- Cedar Rapids

2018 Nick MacGregor – Burlington

2019 Kyle Michel – Van Meter

2020 Dylan Mulfinger – Oelwein

2021 Cori Burbach – Dubuque

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