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Board of Regents approves new Masters program of University of Iowa

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Chuck Connerly recently announced Iowa’s Board of Regents has approved creation of a Master of Public Affairs program at the University of Iowa.

Dean of the Graduate College John Keller said most of the courses offered in the interdisciplinary program will be conducted on campus, but some will be online.

“Expected enrollment in the program includes students returning to school from the workforce”, he said, “as well as from related undergraduate programs at the UI and other universities.”

“There is no accredited degree program available in this area in the state currently,” Keller said. “So state agencies, government officials, and city administrators and whatnot have to recruit individuals from other states to come and work in these areas.”

Connerly said he expects recruitment for the Fall 2020 inaugural class to begin very soon.

For more information, please check for updates with the University of Iowa’s Graduate Programs website. https://www.grad.uiowa.edu/programs


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