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Steve Diers to become next IaCMA president.


From the Charles City Press
By Thomas Nelson
Used with permission and excerpted from the Charles City Press.

Charles City Administrator Steven Diers is the president-elect of the Iowa City/County Managers Association.

“It’s an honor that I’ve been selected to serve and I’m looking forward to doing that,” Diers said.

Diers was elected in March and will take office in July. “This is our state organization. Each state has its own organization of city managers and city administrators,” Diers said. “I’ve been serving for the last three years now. I was nominated and voted in to be the president-elect.”

The organization helps facilitate mentor-ship programs and serve as a networking hub for others in the profession of city managing and administration.

“We have two conferences that we put on to help build relationships across the state and also build that skill set,” Diers said. “As president, I oversee that group.”

The IaCMA board meets quarterly.

Diers said he made sure before accepting the position that he wouldn’t have a major time commitment. He was told by the current president that it’s only an email or phone call or two extra a month.

“You do get questions and emails from other city managers from across the state,” Diers said.

When Diers was starting out as a city administrator in 2004 he often emailed other association members questions, he said.

“This is a nice spot for me to be able to give back to those people and profession and my colleagues,” Diers said.

“I’ve been a member of IaCMA since I first got into the profession in 2004, so going on about 14 years,” Diers said. He’s been serving on the IaCMA board for a couple of years now as well.

“We each kind of take our turn to take on the role as president and serve a year,” Diers said. “It’s a great resource for city managers, city administrators and even city clerks across the state.”

A lot of what city managers and administrators do is unique, Diers said.

“To have to somebody in another community that experienced those things and how they dealt with them is worth its weight in gold,” he said. “If somebody’s already doing it, then why reinvent the wheel?”

Being associated with the IaCMA gets Diers closer to what’s happening around the state, Diers said.

“You can share your community experiences,” he said. “It’s a nice honor and it’s something I’m looking forward to.”

3 thoughts on “Steve Diers to become next IaCMA president.

  1. Congrats Steve!

  2. Great Choice!! Congrats Steve!!

  3. Congratulations Steve. You have been chosen to run a great organization.

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