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Jeff Schott named ICMA Life Member


Congratulations to Jeff Schott for receiving the Life Member status with ICMA.


Schott is the Director of the Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Iowa. In this capacity, he is responsible for delivery of the Institute of Public Affairs organizational improvement programs to local government elected officials and staff, including: Strategic Planning and Goal Setting, Educational Programs and Information, Professional Development, Public Management Assistance, and Information and Publications.

From 1987–2006, Schott was City Manager for the City of Marion, Iowa, with extensive experience in general administration, budget/finance, human resource management, facilities planning and development, intergovernmental relations, and strJeffSchott_0ategic planning. Schott served as Vice President for Economic development with the Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Area Chamber of Commerce from 1986–87. He was also Community Development Director for the City of Marion, Iowa, from 1977–86, Planning Coordinator/Assistant Community Development Director for the City of Muscatine, Iowa from 1975–77, and Comprehensive Planning Coordinator for the City of Utica, New York from 1974–75.

By joining ICMA you become an integral part of the international network of local government management professionals who are committed to:

  • The mission of creating excellence in local governance
  • The highest standards of honesty and integrity in local governance as expressed in the ICMA Code of Ethics
  • Professional and personal development
  • Supporting advocacy for professional local government management.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Schott named ICMA Life Member

  1. Great Job, Jeff!!

  2. Congratulations Jeff!

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  3. Congrats Jeff!

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