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IaCMA Newsletter Information October 2017

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Aaron Burnett receives IaCMA’s Manager of the Year Award

Excepted from award nomination

This year’s recipient is Aaron Burnett of Keokuk and he was nominated for this honor by a city council member; she stated on the nomination form that “his can-do attitude and enthusiasm are contagious…with a positive effect on our council and the city of Keokuk in general.”

Aaron hit the ground running when he accepted his position in the fall of 2015. He spearheaded a large effort to demolish vacant and dilapidated buildings while securing new infill development projects; he has also assisted in securing more than $2 million in grants and Aaron Burnettrefinanced existing debt saving more than $1 million.

With his help, the city is starting to turn the tide of out-migration and disinvestment in the community. Young people, business and families are moving back or coming to the city for the first time and finding it to be a good fit for them. His attitude has inspired greater community-wide efforts to promote growth and investment.

Congratulations to Aaron Burnett for his work as a City Administrator and for receiving the Iowa City/County Management Association’s Manager of the Year Award!

Please congratulate Aaron on his work and recognition as the 2017 IaCMA Manager of the Year.

The Iowa City/County Management Association’s Annual Manager of the Year Award honors chief administrators whose accomplishments and superior work performance represent the best possible application of management principles and whose creative contributions to professional local government management increases public awareness of the value of professional management to the quality of life in our communities.
 To be considered for the Manager of the Year Award, the chief administrator must be a full (voting) IaCMA member.  Candidates must be employed as the chief appointed administrative officer in a municipality.  Candidates must have overall management responsibility and be appointed or confirmed by the legislative body, the elected chief executive and/or the chief appointed administrative officer.

The Association’s past award recipients include:
2007       Mike Van Milligen- Dubuque
2008       Jim Prosser- Cedar Rapids
2009       Carol Ann Diekema- Monroe
2010       Jeff Mark- Altoona
2011       Bill Daily- Belle Plaine
2012       Tom Brownlow- Charles City
2013       Jim Ferneau- Burlington
2014       Elizabeth Hansen – Nevada
2015       Jessica Kinser – Clinton
2016       Jeff Pomeranz – Cedar Rapids

A message from Jeff Schott and the Institute of Public Affairs

IMMI to be held in 2018

At the Iowa League of Cities conference last week, a number of city managers/administrators (aware of my impending retirement) expressed their concern to me whether the Iowa Municipal Management Institute (IMMI) would be held next year.

Rest assured – IMMI will be held March 14 – 16, 2018, in Iowa City. In fact, the program for the conference is already almost completely set.  Conference registration and hotel information will be sent out  shortly after the first of the year.

In a related matter, I had originally planned to retire in January 2018 but I have decided to delay my retirement until May after IMMI and after the third round of the Municipal Leadership Academy sessions.  This means that the Institute of Public Affairs (and I) are still available through April to provide services and programs for cities and local governments:  council goal setting, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, board and commission training, citizen surveys, local government management training and other related programs.  Please contact me or our Program Coordinator Julie Collins If you are interested in scheduling a session or if you have any questions.

I look forward to seeing you all at IMMI next March.


Jeff Schott
Director, Institute of Public Affairs
The University of Iowa
124 Grand Avenue Court
Iowa City, IA 52240
Office:  319-335-7586
Cell:  319-329-6207

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