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City managers in the news.

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The North Iowa regional group held a lunch in Clear Lake on Friday, August 25. There were several managers in attendance, one even rode his motorcycle (Curt). Senior Advisor Dick Hierstein provided a brief update on news from around the region and each member in attendance noted something going on in their city.

There was good conversation about supporting one another and sharing uplifting bits from our collective experiences. Brent Trout noted he was leaving Mason City for Topeka, KS by the end of October. Congratulations and best wishes Brent.

Update on IaCMA memberships:

  • Year-to-date 2017 membership is 174
  • 205 Members in 2016
  • 23 members have joined in 2017 that were not members in 2016
Memberships keep our association strong
           There are several direct benefits that your membership helps provide; Two annual meetings which help educate those in attendance on timely topics such as economic development, ethics and diversity in the workplace. Another benefit is the personal aid and development assistance provided to members in transition and those dealing with personal problems and crisis. Membership also includes access to the IaCMA Grapevine. A listserve that enables members to contact peers about issues of mutual interest and concern.
           A less tangible benefit, yet equally important, is the opportunity to meet and associate with your peers throughout the state. A regional support network has been established to guarantee membership provided assistance starts in your own backyard and continues from border to border. Chances are that your problems have already been experienced elsewhere and, therefore, solutions are just a phone call away. As a member, you will get to know your colleagues on both a personal and professional basis.

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