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Ely, Iowa’s Aaron Anderson announces move to Twin Cities

Aaron Anderson has announced his leave from the City of Ely and noted his last day will be Friday September 16, 2016. Anderson notes he will be heading north to explore opportunities in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area, and to be nearer to family.  Anderson spoke well of Ely and noted it is a fine community, growing and with a lot of energy.

Anderson concluded that he has been privileged to work in the profession and that he enjoyed working with so many who serve our communities with dedication and commitment.  He wished the best to all for continued success and closed with a Lin-Manuel Miranda quote “There’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait”.

Frankfort, Ky city manager announces retirement

Tim Zisoff is a former Indianola, Ia city manager and recently announced his retirement from the City of Frankfort, Ky.

A portion of the article is reprinted below with a link to the full article following.
By Gayle Deaton

Frankfort City Manager Tim Zisoff announced recently he will be retiring effective in October.

Zisoff, 63, told The State Journal that he is retiring. When asked if he plans to stay in Kentucky, he said, “I don’t know my plans yet.”

Commissioner Robert Roach said he believes Zisoff has done an excellent job as city manager.

“He’s very easy to work with,” Roach said. “He’s very professional. He’s been highly involved in the community. He’s been a real asset to the city of Frankfort.”

Roach said he will be sorry to see him go.

Commissioner Lynn Bowers likewise said she was surprised to get the news.

“I have mixed feelings about it,” Bowers said. “I would like to know what prompted this and what the reason is.”

Commissioner Tommy Haynes said that he would have liked if Zisoff could stay, but added that he will be leaving on a high note in his career.

“Tim has done an excellent job,” Haynes said. “He has been great for our community, and that’s more than just the city.”

Haynes said Zisoff was one of the main reasons why the city was looking at a $2.6 million surplus for the end of the last fiscal year.

Commissioner John Sower said he thinks the word he would use to describe how he felt hearing about Zisoff’s retirement is “devastated.” “I’ve seen a lot of city managers come and go, and I think Mr. Zisoff has to rank at the top, or very near the top,” Sower said. “He has, in my opinion, great managerial ability, to work with all of the department heads. One thing that I liked that I saw in use is he has a completely open-door policy whether it’s a city commissioner, a department head, or a lower level employee. That meant a lot to me, and I think that’s why we have such a good staff.”

Sower said he was surprised to hear that Zisoff was retiring but said he doesn’t believe he has any reason to want to leave except that he wants to retire.

“Things have been going well, so I was surprised,” Sower said. “I think his (Zisoff’s) quote was that he thought it was time. I think he’s in his mid-60s. I know he recently bought a place in Florida and so I assume he’s going to retire to Florida. That’s an assumption on my part.”

The City Commission hired Zisoff in 2013 at a base pay of $132,000.

Prior to being hired as the Frankfort city manager, he was the city manager of Indianola, Iowa.

Zisoff worked for the City of Indianola for a total of 32 years, serving the last 25 as city manager.

Zisoff was hired in Frankfort following former City Manager Fred Goins’ retirement from the position in August 2012.

Zisoff is married and has two sons. He was born in Honolulu while his father was in the military, and he was raised in Indiana. He attended Purdue University’s Camulet campus for two years and then worked at a steel mill. He received a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1977, and a masters of public administration in 1979 from Indiana University Bloomington.

for the full article click here.
Assistant Editor Seth Littrell contributed to this story.

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