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Iowa City / County Management Association

IaCMA to offer stipends to attend IMMI in March 2013.

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          The Iowa City/County Management Association (IaCMA) Executive Board budgeted funds for stipends to attend the Iowa Municipal Management Institute (IMMI). This training event will take place March 20-22, 2013, in Iowa City (Please Note Correct Date). Multiple stipends covering the cost of registration will be awarded and selection will be based on first time IMMI attendance and financial need. IMMI provides Iowa’s city/county managers and administrators a unique opportunity to participate in a national level management development experience without traveling outside the state. Additional information on IMMI can be found here.   

          If you are interested in being considered for a stipend, please provide a one paragraph request with your name, title, city and number of years in the profession. Please also note your previous IMMI attendance and if you are planning to attend IMMI if you do not receive a stipend. Please send this information to marktomb@iowaleague.org by Noon on December 14, 2012. The decision will be made by the IaCMA Executive Board during its early January meeting.

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